Shopping Tips for Boxing Day Sales
Avoid buying never to be worn again clothing

Shopping Tips for Boxing Day Sales

You will want to use these proven tips that will change how you shop during the Boxing Day Sales. Learn how to only buy the clothes that you will wear

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Top 3 tips for summer

Get your look ready for summer using my favourite 3 tips. Now that we are getting some warm spring days, it’s the ideal time to think about getting our wardrobes ready for summer. Surprisingly this doesn’t mean buying more clothes. Let’s get excited for the beautiful, warm days ahead of us with minimal fuss. 1. Wardrobe Refresh Springtime is the perfect time to do mini wardrobe refresh. Bring last year’s spring/ summer clothes to the front so you can see them clearly and put your winter clothes to the back. Take your time to match any new clothes with your existing ones, you may be amazed at new outfit options you have. Handy tip: Take pictures of the outfits you’ve…