Top 3 tips for summer

Top 3 tips for summer

Get your look ready for summer using my favourite 3 tips.

Now that we are getting some warm spring days, it’s the ideal time to think about getting our wardrobes ready for summer. Surprisingly this doesn’t mean buying more clothes. Let’s get excited for the beautiful, warm days ahead of us with minimal fuss.

1. Wardrobe Refresh
Springtime is the perfect time to do mini wardrobe refresh. Bring last year’s spring/ summer clothes to the front so you can see them clearly and put your winter clothes to the back. Take your time to match any new clothes with your existing ones, you may be amazed at new outfit options you have.

Handy tip: Take pictures of the outfits you’ve put together so you can refer when you need some inspiration.

2. Think Layers
With minimal in mind, I like to focus on having basic essentials in my wardrobe. These are my everyday go to pieces that can be mixed and matched and layered up or down depending on the weather. Layering is a perfect way to dress when you need to adjust to changes in temperature. To put a layered outfit together choose your centre piece ie. Pants then add different layering options like your basic tank or camisole, tee, jacket, shoes and accessories. Make sure layers can easily be removed and your outfit still looks put together.

Handy tip: Save time and money by putting together your own basic essential range of clothing creating multiple mix and match outfit options.

3. Accessorise
Give your outfits a lift for the new season, add colour and texture by wearing accessories. Scarves are a great way to stay warm and add interest to an outfit, they can be easily taken off when the day warms up and pop back on when getting cooler. Wear a new seasons lipstick, hair accessory, earrings or handbag.
Handy Tip: Be adventurous and try a new hair style, wear it up or add a latest hair accessory, this will give you an instant new look.

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