Shopping Tips for Boxing Day Sales
Avoid buying never to be worn again clothing

Shopping Tips for Boxing Day Sales

Start the car…….

Boxing Day Sales are here!

You will want to use these proven shopping tips for the Boxing Day sales.  It will change how you shop so you only buy clothes you will wear.

We all love a sale and the thrill of buying a bargain.  The truth is there are great savings to be made. The trick is to recognise when a bargain is actually a bargain. Too many times we get caught up in the Sale shopping frenzy and buy things we regret the next day.

As a Personal Stylist,  I see many women’s wardrobes with price tags still attached to clothes. How does this happen and how can you avoid it?

It all starts when we see the sale signs, the excitement builds. Entering the store and looking through the racks of sale items adds to your excitement.  Then you find a dress you must have. The price has been drastically reduced.  What a great buy, look how much you are saving.  Although you know it’s not quite your colour and it doesn’t fit as well as it should but hey it’s at a bargain price.

You’re thinking “It’s such a great saving”, “I’ll fit into it when I loose weight”, “I’ll have it altered”. Maybe you don’t have time to try it on and buy it anyway. You can’t possibly leave it there for that price, right? It’s at that point all logic flies out the window and you put your sales goggles on.

You buy it, take it home and hang it in your wardrobe. It never gets worn and takes up valuable space in your wardrobe. Eventually you give it to a friend or donate to charity.

Top 5 tips to use when shopping for clothes during sales time 

So how do you stay focused during the Boxing Day Sales and actually buy clothes that you will wear? Follow my proven 5 tips so you only buy clothes that look good on you leaving you feeling and looking fabulous.

1. Do a Pre-sale Shop: – Go to your favourite stores before thes sales. Get an idea of the styles you like, try them on. Know what looks and feels good on you. If it’s still there when you return then this will be your true bargain

2. Know your Size:  Don’t be fooled into squeezing into an outfit in the hope that you will fit into it one day, the chances are you won’t

3. Always Try Before you Buy:  When you try on an outfit and you think it’s “too” something ie. too big, too small, too tight in places then leave it. You will never be comfortable wearing it and it won’t get worn

4. Return Policy:  Check the store return policy, quite often there is no exchange or refund on sale items if you change your mind later

5. Be Mindful:  Remember a bargain is not a bargain if you’re not 100% happy with your purchase. If in doubt don’t buy it. There will always be other opportunities.

Happy Shopping!