Christmas Event Outfits

Christmas Event Outfits

What will you be wearing for Christmas and New Year Events events?

The most important thing I let women know straight up is to “dress for you, your personality and what makes you feel good”.
Let’s be honest we all have that one outfit that we love to wear, maybe it is that black dress or pants that come out for every event, the comfy shoes you can dance in or the handbag that gets dusted off each year.

With this in mind My no.1 tip for you this season when planning what to wear is to find what you love in your wardrobe and build your outfit around that. Style, wear, repeat making easy to wear options for all your events.

The fashions this season are pretty much wear what suits you and your style. If you are looking to update with a new piece the current trends are linen, lace, pleats and ruffles. Dresses and skirts are everywhere and the popular wrap dress that suits so many body shapes is high on most lists. Dresses and skirts are largely mid length. Block colours, particularly in classic cuts are a good staple piece to add to your wardrobe, you can wear repeatedly throughout the year.

Your outfit can look so different when you change it up with accessories, so if you going to wear your staple outfit to a number of events think about accessories. Pairing with on trend fashion accessories ie. a statement pair of earrings, necklace, scarf, shoes or handbag can elevate your look in an instant that fits within your budget.

If you are attending a formal event and you are hesitant about buying a new outfit consider hiring one. If you search for dress hire you will find available options.

Things to consider when choosing an outfit;

Venue: Check out the venue online ahead of time and determine if it’s formal or relaxed. If in doubt ask the organiser if there is a dress code

Weather: Do a search to find out the weather forecast, particularly useful if it’s an outside venue. If outside consider a hat

Shoes: Will there be dancing, games or a lot of standing. This will determine the type of shoes you will wear, block heels and wedges are a great option

Layers: Be prepared for layering and remember if you are wearing a jacket, kimono or wrap your outfit needs to look good if you take off this piece

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