Best Fit Jeans For The 6 Body Shapes

Best Fit Jeans For The 6 Body Shapes

Your Body Shape

Finding the best fit jeans for you starts with understanding the different body shapes. Before I explain each body shape in more detail it’s important you know that there is no right or wrong shape and you are uniquely beautiful.

The body shape method is use to determine the best cuts and styles of clothing that will give the body a balanced look. It is measured by the outline of your silhouette from the shoulders to just below your hip line.

Womens different body shape

The V Body Shape

You’re known for your broad shoulders, they are wider than your hip area. Balance your body look by wearing details, embellishments and volume from below your waist. You can wear lots of detail on your jeans, think side leg pockets, embroidery, faded denim, whiskers and ankle cuffs. You have the pick of any style of jean you want to wear, lucky you. You can choose skinny, bootleg, straight cut they will all suit you. If you you are shorter in height and want to appear taller avoid wearing cuffed or cropped jean lengths.

The A Body Shape

You’re known for your feminine and curvy shape. Your shoulders are narrower than your hip area. Balance your look by wearing details, embellishments and volume above the waist. Keep your jeans plain and in a darker denim, be mindful to minimise any vertical lines such as ankle cuffs and pocket detail. Select a stretch denim for comfort and flexibility. Straight leg and bootleg styles are great for you, as are flared and girlfriend fit. Go for styles that are a looser fit and have more leg room but not too baggy.

different jean rises for body shape

The I Body Shape

You are known for your straight lines, many models have this shape. Create curves by belting at the waist and use horizontal details where you want to add more shape. You’ll find that low and high rise jeans will round your shape off nicely and create a curved look. Generally you will have slimmer legs which is perfect for skinny and straight jeans. Wearing cropped, ankle length and cuffed styles, it’s up to you.

The X Body Shape

You are known for your feminine and curvy body. Your balanced look is enhanced by elongating your figure to show off your curves. Look for straight, bootleg or slightly flared jeans that skim over your body, nothing too tight and clingy. Avoid really flared styles. Darker denim colours in blue or black look great on you. You have a small waist and you may find you need your jeans altered around the waist for a good fit. You could invest in a good quality belt to help cinch in the excess material.

The H Body Shape

You’re known for your balanced look with straight lines from your shoulders through to your hips. Create curves by wearing details above and below the knee. Go for straight, skinny and boot leg styles, keeping them fitted at your thighs. You can wear low, medium and high rise jeans with the medium weight denim, avoid heavy and light denims.

The O Body Shape

You’re known for your curvy and lush body. Balance your look by wearing details around your legs and focus attention to your face, creating one long vertical line. Look for styles that are plain through the waist area and go for mid rise as a guide. Elastic waist bands and jegging styles are going to be your comfort go to favorites. Choose straight leg or boot cut styles.

embellishments on jeans

When choosing your jeans take notice of where the details are, they can act like a neon sign and draw the eye directly to where you don’t want it to go, it’s what other people may notice first. Ask yourself, “do I want details which can broaden or highlight an area”? If it’s a no, look for a plain option. Read 3 Hacks to Choose Your Perfect Jeans.

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