Hi I'm Jo,

A Style Entrepreneur, Personal Stylist and Image Creator, who’s dedicated to help you get unstuck and love the way you look.

OK, here’s the thing…

I wasn’t born with style and I haven’t always known how to put an outfit together, sometimes I just didn’t get it.  I followed the latest fashions, trends and copied friends or celebrities’ outfits that I liked.  Dressing was made easy during my career with “Done for You” uniforms and corporate wear, it didn’t take much thought.  I became busy with my family and career as I juggled life’s priorities, which left little time for anything else

Then it happened…

Years flew by, and as I approached middle age my body shape started to change and styles that used to fit me didn’t anymore.  I put on weight and resisted buying new clothes.  I would tell myself “once I lose a few kilos they’ll fit me again” it never happened.  I ended up with a wardrobe full of clothes that I couldn’t wear and wondered why I always felt like crap when it came to dressing in the mornings.  I had very few options and seeing the smaller sizes hanging there made me upset. I began to hate shopping for clothes and started wearing the same black pants and dress over and over again.

And that’s when I fell into my Style Comfort Zone…

The “Style Comfort Zone” is massive, and because there are so many women stuck in it, it starts to appear normal. 

This is just the way it is, right…? Wrong!

The Style Comfort Zone is when...

Sound Familiar?

This was the STYLE RUT I was stuck in…. It’s the rut that many women come to accept as part of their life.

Thankfully I got my wakeup call- I decided I’d had enough, I wanted to look and feel good again.


By starting a business selling women’s fashion… it gave me the kickstart I needed.

Then something unexpected happened around the store change rooms. When women entered it was like they had stepped into a “confessional booth”, they shared their own style stories and body shame secrets, often ending in tears. I felt helpless. I knew as they walked away with their new outfit the struggle would continue.

It was at that point I knew I had to do more… I began absorbing everything on the topic of Style and Mindset, I wanted to know all there was to know. I attended workshops and webinars, hired a business coach, got a mentor, enrolled in courses, read books, spoke to experts, searched the internet. After two years I was armed with qualifications in Personal Styling, Image and Colour Consulting, I was a Certified Coach and Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

I now know the secrets of how to get yourself out of your style comfort zone rut forever and can’t wait to share this information with you…it’s so exciting!

How to get out of your Style Rut and work with Jo...

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Love the Way You Look…

Jo xx

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