5 easy steps to help you choose what to wear everyday

5 easy steps to help you choose what to wear everyday

We all have to make a decision on what to wear everyday. Whether it’s choosing what to wear for work or a special event, you have to give it some thought and it takes time.

For some women they can select an outfit, and be out the door ready in a flash.  For some it can seem to take forever to choose an outfit. It can create overwhelm and tears, they may end up wearing clothes that don’t give them the look they want.  Aghh… it’s an emotional roller coaster.

What you wear on the outside has an impact on how you feel on the outside

As a personal Stylist and Image Coach, most women I speak to find it a challenge everyday when it comes to putting their outfit together. An outfit that makes them feel and look good. Making this a simple process can transform how you go about your day.

When you feel good inside, and you like the way you look on the outside, your mood lifts. You have a positive attitude; you begin to shine. Everything seems to fall into place and feels right, it’s your lucky day. You may even start to get compliments on how good you look.

The times you didn’t feel good about what you wore can have the opposite effect.

Your “I don’t know what to wear“ day starts something like this:

  • Your alarm goes off, you stumble out of bed and into the shower. You apply your makeup, fix your hair, and stand in front of your wardrobe looking for an outfit to wear.
  • You have a wardrobe full of clothes and still struggle to find an outfit to wear
  • You start trying on clothes hoping to find something that matches your style and makes you feel fabulous.  
  • After several attempts of trying to get it right you start to become frustrated, upset and overwhelmed
  • Finally, you settle on an outfit, you may not love it. In fact it maybe the same outfit you wear time and time again, your ‘goto’ outfit
  • Then you turn around and you see it.  A pile of clothes you’ve been trying on in an attempt to find your outfit. It adds to your frustration as you now have to put all these clothes away.

Here are fast action tips so you can “Out the door ready in minutes”

The key to being out the door ready in minutes is be prepared!

1. Plan what you are going to wear the night before

Select your outfit the night before and hang it a place ready for the morning. Include accessories such as shoes, handbag, scarves and jewellery. If you need to try it on to make sure it fits you ok.

2. Check the weather

Dress according to the weather. If wearing a dress or skirt, check if you need to take care of leg hair or pop on a fake tan.

3. Check what’s in your diary

Take a quick look in your diary and see what you have scheduled for the next day. Is there a meeting or special event you need to dress for? 

4. Check Items are ready to wear

Make sure items are clean, ironed and don’t need mending. Pay particular attention to hems and buttons.

5. Take a picture

Take a selfie in your outfit, you will always have outfit inspiration when looking for what to wear.

These simple everyday style tips will take away your morning overwhelm and have you dressed and out the door ready in a flash.

Yours in style

Jo X 

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