4 Easy Tips for Getting out of a Style Rut

4 Easy Tips for Getting out of a Style Rut

Are you one of those amazing women who is approaching their 50s and beyond who leads an incredible life, juggles family, community commitments, a career or business, keeps the household organised and all the other things that fill in the gaps?

Me too!

We women can get so busy taking care of everyone else we often forget to do the same for ourselves and can lose our identity.  We become the wife, mother, grandmother, boss, colleague or committee member and we are happy to do it! These things bring us joy!

As we approach our 50’s our lives start to change, kids maybe leaving home, grandchildren start to fill our lives, we may start working less hours or retire and, of course, our bodies start to change with menopause.  You now have more time to spend on yourself and rediscover who you are, your purpose and how you want to spend the second half of your life.

As a Personal Stylist I see many women who are looking to rediscover their style that’s right for them, their age and lifestyle.  

Gone are the days when I grew up and older women morphed into the stereotypical “old lady” look of the time. When designers made styles and shoes that “fitted this age group”.  Styles would be unimaginative, boxy and plain dull.  Women would visit the hairdresser every week to have their grey rinse popped in and hair set in curlers to keep the curl from their perm looking fresh.  

Today women are socially active, they travel more, they have more time and options available to live the lifestyle they want. The fashions of today are so varied that women can dress and present to the world to truly reflect who they are, and not be defined by her age.  

It can be daunting to find the style that’s right for you, particularly if you have a wardrobe full of “done for you” work uniforms or dress standards to follow.  You may find that your life has evolved but your look hasn’t….and before you know fallen into the trap……the “style rut”.

Here’s a few tips to get you out of your rut and start to love the way you look, at any age:

  • Find inspiration: Look for a style you admire it could be a favourite celebrity, a style icon, friend or a work colleague.  Take time to look at what are they wearing and how do they put their outfits together.  
  • Create a Style Canvas: collect all the styles you like and put them together.  It could be pictures from magazines or the internet. You can find loads of inspiration on Pinterest
  • Write down what you do in your week, where do you spend your time and what clothes you need.  Check your wardrobe for outfits and fill in any gaps you may have.
  • Remember to select clothes that will compliment your curves and resist buying sizes too big that hide your body and make you look shapeless

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Yours in Style

Jo X 

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