3 Hacks To find Your Perfect Fit Jeans

3 Hacks To find Your Perfect Fit Jeans

Find Your Perfect Fit Jeans

Before we get into the detail, you need to know that there is no wrong body shapes or size when it comes to selecting any clothes. Getting the right fit really does come down to the style, cut and fabric of items and that includes your jeans. Ok, let’s get started…

There no denying it, most women have jeans in their wardrobes that they don’t like to wear, they are ill fitting and damn right uncomfortable. Sizing and cuts vary from brand to brand and the quality of denim and denim blends can impact on how they fit and wear. Finding the perfect cut and style of jeans for you will save you time, money and tears.

#1 Hack

Finding your perfect fit jeans begins with understanding your body type. Once you know this you can start looking for jeans that you know will fit you well without having to try on loads of styles, saving you time and tears. Find out the best fit jeans for your body shape.

#2 Hack

Never underestimate the importance of knowing the jean rise that best suits you. There are three jean rises, and are categorised as low, medium and high rise. The rise is the measurement from the bottom crotch seam at the front to the top of the waistband. It’s great to know your measurement here as you can check before buying if its right for you as rise measurements may differ between brands. You can check the back rise of your jeans too, the measurement usually 8cms or more longer than the front, to allow for your butt.

Something else to keep in mind and to watch our for is the dreaded “Camel Toe”. Wearing the correct rise and thickness of fabric will stop this from happening, avoid pulling up your jeans too high. It can occur more in high rise styles so keep an eye out if your looking at those styles.

The picture below gives you the rise measurements and best rise for your body shape. If you are an online shopper make sure you check out the measurement details of the jeans before you hit the purchase button.

#3 Hack

Watch where you wear the detail and embellishments as these can act like neon signs on your body, they may look great but when it comes to finding your perfect fit jeans they may not make the grade. If you don’t want to focus on an area then avoid the bling and be mindful of any stitching, fading details, whiskers, studs, rips and cuffs it all counts.

To make your legs appear longer wear the same coloured shoes as your jeans and avoid cuffs at your ankles. Putting details such as whiskers or fading around your hips and thighs will highlight these areas. Darker denim with less detail will appear more slim line and as a general rule these will suit most women and give them the perfect fit jeans.

Perfect fit Jeans

Consider pockets too. The placement and size are the things to look for. If you want to highlight your butt and go for the buttilious look then go for lots of pocket detail including embellishments, embroidery, bling and pocket flaps. To minimise your butt go for plain pockets, not too large and a narrow yoke (the top V area of the jeans) that sits high toward the waistband. Watch the 3 minute video “Does My Butt Look Big” with more tips.

Pair your perfect pair of jeans with your favourite top and here’s some simple tips to finish your outfit with a necklace.

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