Love the Way You Look at Any Age

Meet Jo, Your Personal Stylist.

A style entrepreneur, personal stylist and image creator, who’s dedicated to help you love the way you look. I am passionate about helping you look the way you desire and escape the feeling of being caught in a style rut.


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Beauty is not defined by age and size

A changing body shape is not the end of the world. Don’t let your look get left behind. You deserve to feel beautiful. Join me at a workshop and discover how to dress for you.

Get Out of Your Rut
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Unlock your look with a Personal Styling Workshop and know what to wear. Build a collection of clothes that make you feel great.

Stop Over-Shopping

Work with Jo Wardrobe

Know exactly what to buy and how to say no to stuff on sale or an impulse purchase that you know you’ll never wear.

Unlock your Own Look

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Create a personal style guide that is unique to you and expresses who you are from the inside out, allowing you to feel fabulous.

I know what it's like to be stuck in a rut...

I used to dread looking in the mirror. In 2016, during a shitty time of my life, I lost myself. I became a shell of the person I once was on the inside, yet doubled my size on the outside.
A specialist told me something had to change, I was a harmful drinker, with a fatty liver and officially morbidly obese. I was doing everything wrong….to excess.
I made a decision to get out of the rut and for the first time in 10 years invested in me.

  • I gave up alcohol
  • Lost 25 kilos
  • And found my style again

Now I work as a personal stylist and Image Coach to help women avoid getting stuck in the depths of the rut I was once in.

I run workshops that give women the motivation and inspiration they need to love the way they look at any age.

Personal Stylist Adelaide

Ready to Love the Way You Look at any Age?


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Are you ready to love the way you look at any age?


Get My wardrobe sorted
Build a collection of clothes that make you feel great


Style Coaching

Everything you need to get the look you love


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I loved the way Jo has incorporated my personal and business brand colours 


Your Inner Calm Coach

Not only did Jo help me with a new outfit ideas, she gently nudged me out of my old, out-dated fashion ideas.  Her guidance got me out of my rut and into a new style.  

Fiona Blinco

DIY Digital

I now know my shape and what to look for which is fab!


Thanks Jo I’m so grateful for your beautiful supportive words and the way this journey has helped me get out of my style rut and back to ‘loving the way I look’.

I love feeling fabulous again and having you on my team to change those voices in my head has helped me immensely.

Jodie Nevid

7-Effect Co-Founder

Jo’s Wardrobe cleanse was so much more than I expected. Unlocking  my style archetype, styles and colours gave me such clarity. I love my new clothes Jo recommended and the clothes alter that’s been created.

Thank you Jo!

Kate Gardner

It’s hard for any woman breaking back into the public world, that’s why you need Jo beside you, cheering you on.  You gave me the confidence and assurance I needed to reclaim my power. Thanks Jo!

Kylie Doon

Tandara Living

I took your tips and wore coloured shoes, which I never wore, I had three people compliment me.


DCB Insurance Services

I was given all the skills and knowledge to confidentially pull together outfits that suited my personality as well as my body shape.

Loved the style guide!


I gained the confidence, knowledge and understanding of what style goes with my body shape.

I recommend this journey to gain self-growth and belief in yourself.


Your Caring Counsellor

Not only have you elevated my personal and business look, but my mood and confidence too. So grateful!


Master Juggler, Juggle House Experiences